Highway Asset Management

A Highway Asset Management Plan (HAMP) identifies the current assets and develops a framework for asset management to enhance existing good practices and improve the management of the network. A HAMP is a guidance document used by the Council’s Highways service in managing the highway network as an asset and addressing maintenance challenges moving forward. In addition, the HAMP provides information regarding the highway asset base, its implications and identifies the need for funding that could be utilised in addressing maintenance issues. The HAMP also demonstrates to stakeholders how the Council manages highway assets and proposes to face the challenges of managing these assets in the future.

In 2014, the Department for Transport (DfT) undertook a review of the resilience of the UK transport network to extreme weather events. This followed a period of extreme weather in 2013/14, which saw high winds and heavy rainfall.

A number of recommendations were made as a result, in both the short and longer term covering all types of transport including local roads. The key short term recommendation for the local highway network was: "It is recommended that Local Highway Authorities identify a 'resilient network'.

Halton, in line with this guidance has worked to producing a highway network resilience plan, which has identify areas susceptible to adverse climatic conditions, civil emergencies, structural or utilities failure or road traffic incidents. This network plan has identified a 'resilient network' in order to give priority to maintaining economic activity and access to key services during extreme weather and other major events and in so doing so it is possible to identify all those components such as bridges, traffic signals and drainage systems) so that planned whole edge to edge highway maintenance on that part of the network is undertaken.