Independent Travel Training

Independent Travel Training focuses on enabling individuals with disabilities to travel independently to and from school, college and other social activities. It is open to young people with any kind of additional need from 11 to 19 years of age.

The training works with young people, parents, carers, schools and other appropriate individuals to provides trainees with their own personal travel programme.

The trainee is accompanied by the Independent Travel Trainer on their journeys until they are able to travel independently. This enables them to travel independently at their own pace and, while challenging them to achieve, allows them to reach a level of attainment with which they are comfortable.

Independent Travel Training covers various topics depending on the needs of the student. Areas covered are:

  • Personal safety
  • Road safety
  • Recognising and avoiding dangerous situations
  • Following directions
  • Boarding the correct bus in the right direction
  • Buying tickets

A detailed Personalised Journey Plan (PJP) is then produced for each individual in a format that is appropriate for him or her.
For many students this is the beginning of a wider journey into increased independence, for example after-school activities and ultimately training and employment. The scheme has incredible benefits for all, in terms of confidence and freedom to mix with peers.

To request some training please email the Independent Travel Team.

Independent Travel Toolkit

The Toolkit is designed to support people who lack the knowledge, skills or confidence to travel independently. The ability to travel independently is of fundamental importance to many aspects of life whether the individual has a disability or otherwise. Being able to travel safely and independently promotes a broader and more inclusive lifestyle, allowing people to access school, college courses, work placements and leisure activities using their own skills and in their own time.

The Toolkit is a step-by-step guide, introducing people to the world of Independent Travel and includes hardcopies and a CD-ROM with PDFs of all activities, resources and assessment forms, including risk assessments.

The pack is a prepared programme of study and covers a variety of subjects including road safety, personal safety, bullying, preparing, planning and practicing a journey using public transport. This results in a series of workshop based practical sessions straight out of the box!

This Toolkit may be useful for Support Workers, Travel Trainers, Classroom Assistants, LEA staff, Teachers, Day Centre Officers, Social Workers, and Residential staff. Also, volunteers working in an allied field with a genuine desire to support/train individuals with a disability.

The Toolkit costs £100 (with discounts available for bulk orders). For further information, to request a toolkit or a referral form please contact the Independent Travel Team.

Train the trainer

At Halton Borough Council, we are delivering an accredited training course to equip people with the skills, knowledge and confidence to be able to deliver Independent Travel Training to service users. The accreditation is for a Level 2 certificate in an 'Introduction to Training for Travel Trainers' and is awarded through Open Awards. This training is aimed at anybody who may deliver Independent Travel Training as part of their working / volunteer or parental / carers role, such as- support staff, key workers, parents, carers, Local Authority staff, potential Independent Travel Trainers etc. 

The 'Train the Trainer' course follows a structured plan which equips delegates with the skills and knowledge they need to start delivering Independent Travel Training. Courses are delivered through two days of theory based training and then delegates are allocated a case study to return to their workplace to complete. The two days theory training covers all aspects of delivering Independent Travel Training, including- 

  • Referrals
  • Individual Assessments
  • Home Visits
  • Risk Assessments
  • Journey Planning
  • Delivery of Practical Training
  • Monitoring Forms
  • Shadowing
  • Final Reports
  • Road Safety
  • Personal Safety
  • Communication Skills
  • Preparing for a Journey
  • Planning a Journey
  • And much more…

Delegates are given two practical activities to carry out during the two training room based days, which gives an opportunity to put some of the theory into practice. Delegates from previous courses have always given great feedback when they have undertaken the practical activities as it gives a good, albeit brief, insight into some of the work they will be expected to undertake as an Independent Travel Trainer. Each delegate receives a copy of the Halton Independent Travel Training Toolkit which gives advice and guidance regarding delivering Independent Travel Training (Toolkits normally retail at £100). 

Unlimited support is given to delegates when they return to their workplace to complete their case studies. One month is given to complete a case study of a trainee that has been trained, is currently being trained or will be trained in the future.

The Level 2 certificate in an 'Introduction to Training for Travel Trainers' is under discussion by the Government as being the minimum standard that people must achieve before they can deliver Independent Travel Training to service users; regardless of if it is a paid member of staff of a volunteer.

Training can be delivered in Halton or at your Local Authority.  For further information please email us​


Dave Williams - Travel Trainer, St Helens Council ''We found the Train the Trainer course invaluable when setting up our Travel Training project in St Helens. Derek provided us with useful advice and information that has helped us to get our project off the ground and make it a success. We would not hesitate to recommend the course to other people who are involved in Travel Training''
Lindsey Coates – Southampton Council "Halton's Train the Trainer course was such a worthwhile investment for Southampton- its provided our staff, who were already delivering ad-hoc travel training to pupils, the confidence to undertake more in-depth work with a greater number of children. The trainer, Derek Donoghue, put everyone at ease and was very thorough in his instruction"