Examination Library

Submission Documents
SD01 DALP Written Statement Submission Version
SD02 DALP Policies Map Submission Version
SD03 Habitat Regulations Assessment 2019
SD03a Final HRA AECOM 2020
SD04 Whole Plan Viability Study HDH Planning 2019
SD05 Health Impact Assessment
SD06 Equality Impact Assessment 2019
SD07 Sustainability Appraisal 2019
SD07a Sustainability Appraisal 2019 - Appendix D
SD07b Sustainability Appraisal 2019 - Appendix E (Part 1)
SD07c Sustainability Appraisal 2019 - Appendix E (Part 2)
SD07d Sustainability Appraisal 2019 - Appendix E (Part 3​​)
SD08 Infrastructure Plan
SD09 Statement of Common Ground LCR 2019
SD10 Statement of Cooperation LCR 2016
SD11 Statement of Common Ground Cheshire East
SD12 Statement of Common Ground Cheshire West and Chester - pending
SD13 Statement of Common Ground Warrington - pending
SD14 LDS Update 2019
SD14a HBC LDS 2021
SD15 Statement of Community Involvement 2019
SD16 Annual Monitoring Report
SD16a AMR Mar21​
SD17 Legal Compliance Statement - pending
SD18 Soundness Self - Assessment - pending
SD19 Consultation Statement 2019 ​
SD19a Reg 18 Customer Comments​
SD20 Representations by Customer to Reg 19 consultation
SD20a​ – Additional material submitted in support of comments by customer number​
SD20b​​​ Representation to Reg19 consultation
SD20c​​ Representation to Reg19 consultation​
SD21 Representations by policy order to Reg 19 consultation
SD22 Core Strategy 2013
SD23 Joint Waste Local Plan 2013
SD24 Design of New Industrial and Commercial Development SPD 
SD25 Design of New Residential Development SPD
SD26 Hot Food Takeaway SPD
SD27 Air Quality Topic Paper
SD28 Biodiversity Topic Paper
SD29 Climate Factors and Flooding Topic Paper
SD30 Culture Heritage and Landscape Topic Paper
SD31 Health Topic Paper - pending
SD32 Housing Topic Paper​
SD33 Local Economy and Employment Topic Paper ​
SD34 Social Inclusiveness, Skills and Education Topic Paper - pending
SD35 Soil and Land Resources Topic Paper
SD36 Transport Topic Paper​
SD37 Water Quality and Resources Topic Paper​​
SD38 Duty to Cooperate Statement​
Evidence Library ​
EL001 Green Belt Exceptional Circumstances Paper 2017
EL002 - pending
EL003 Halton Green Belt Review 2017
EL003a Green Belt Parcels
EL004 Halton Green Belt Review sites GB001-088
EL005 Halton Green Belt Review sites GB089-170
EL006 Halton Green Belt Review GB171 -260
EL007 Halton Green Belt Review sites GB261 - 359
EL008 Halton Green Belt Review sites GB360 - 425
EL009 Halton Green Belt Review Grouped Sites
EL010 Non-breeding Birds Survey (2019)
EL011 Non-breeding Birds Survey (2019) - Autumn 2018
EL012 Non-breeding Birds Survey (2019) - Winter 2018-19
EL013 Non-breeding Birds Survey (2019) - Spring 2019
EL014 LCR Strategic Housing and Employment Land Availability Assessment Vol 1 (GL Hearn, March 2018) and Executive Summary
EL014a LCR SHELMA GLH Vol1 Appendices
EL015 LCR Strategic Housing and Employment Land Availability Assessment Vol 2a Large Scale B8 Assessment (GL Hearn, 2018)
EL016 LCR Strategic Housing and Employment Land Availability Assessment Vol2b Large Scale B8 Assessment (GL Hearn 2019)
EL017 Liverpool City Region Economic Outlook (2016)
EL018 Northern Freight and Logistics Report (Transport for the North, 2016)
EL019 LCR Visitor Economy Investment Plan for Growth 2016-2025 (LCRCA, 2016)
EL020 Sci Tech Daresbury Science Innovation Strategy (2016)
EL021 Local Economic Assessment (HBC, 2013)
EL022 LCR Housing and Economic Development Evidence Base Overview Study (GVA,2011) and Technical Appendix
EL023 Joint Employment Land and Premises Study (BE Group, 2010)
EL024 Halton Brownfield Land Register (2019)
EL025 SHELMA 2017, Objectively Assessed Need for Housing Topic Briefing Paper (HBC, 2017)
EL026 Mid – Mersey Strategic Housing Market Assessment (SHMA) (GL Hearn, 2016)
EL027 SHMA 2016, Objectively Assessed Need for Housing Topic Briefing Paper (HBC, 2016)
EL028 A Housing Strategy for Halton (HBC, 2013-2018)
EL029 Halton Residential and Nursing Care Home Commissioning Strategy (HBC, 2009)
EL030 Authority Monitoring Report Housing (HBC,2019) – See EL101 for update
EL031 Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA) (HBC, 2017)
EL032 SHLAA proformas Appendix A (HBC, 2017)
EL033 SHLAA site maps Appendix B (HBC, 2017)
EL034 SHLAA site assessments Appendix C (HBC, 2017)
EL035 Commissioning Strategy for Extra Care (HBC, 2008)
EL036 Gypsy, Traveller and Travelling Show people Area Assessment (2018)
EL037 Cheshire Gypsy, Traveller Area Assessment (2014)
EL039 Liverpool City Region Combined Authority Local Journeys Strategy (2018)
EL040 Liverpool John Lennon Airport Strategic Vision to 2030 (LJLA)
EL041 Liverpool John Lennon Airport Master Plan to 2050 (LJLA)
EL041a LJLA Masterplan Appendices-1-6
EL041b LJLA Shadow HRA May'19​
EL041c LJLA Surface Access Strategy (5th Edition) July 2016​​
EL041d LJLA Economic Impact Assessment​​​
EL041e LJLA-SAS-Mar2020​​​
EL041f LJLA - Case for Runway Extension​​​
EL041g LJLA-Built-Heritage-Review-2019​​​
EL041h LJLA-Archaeological-Appraisal-Report-Final-July-2019​​​
EL041i LJLA-Agricultural-Land-Classification
EL042 Liverpool City Region Authority Transport Plan (2019)
EL043 Local Transport Plan 3 (HBC)
EL044 Halton Bus Strategy (HBC,2016)
EL045 Liverpool City Region Walking Infrastructure Plan (DRAFT)
EL046 Food Access Study (HBC, 2018)
EL047 Local Centres Review (HBC, 2015)
EL048 Halton Retail Study (ELG, 2017)
EL049 Halton Retail Study Appendices (ELG, 2017)
EL050 Cheshire Historic Landscape Characterisation Report (2008)
EL051 Liverpool City Region Renewable Energy Capacity Study (2010)
EL052 Minerals Planning in Merseyside (2008)
EL053 - pending
EL054 Halton Landscape Character Assessment (TEP, 2009)
EL055 Liverpool City Region Ecological Framework (2005)
EL056 Halton Biodiversity Action Plan Habitat Review (HBC, 2012)
EL057 Halton Biodiversity Action Plan (HBC,2003)
EL058 LCR Overview Study Technical Appendices 2011
EL059 Listed Buildings and Scheduled Monuments in Halton (Runcorn)
EL060 Listed Buildings and Scheduled Monuments in Halton (Widnes)
EL061 Site Allocations Heritage Impact Assessment 2019 SUPERSEDED (HBC, 2019)
EL061a Site Allocations Heritage Impact Assessment 2020 (HBC, 2020)​
EL062 Halton Open Space Study (HBC, 2019)Update - Superseded by PSD022a, PSD022b & PSD022c​
EL063 Halton Playing Pitch Strategy (2013)
EL064 Halton SFRA Level 2 (2019) - pending
EL064a SFRA H1235
EL064b SFRA R1
EL064c SFRA R7
EL064d SFRA R21
EL064e SFRA R58
EL064f SFRA R60
EL064g SFRA R78
EL064n SFRA SL-0073
EL064o SFRA SL-0077
EL064p SFRA SL-0088
EL064q SFRA W10
EL064r SFRA W11
EL064s SFRA W18
EL064t SFRA W28
EL064u SFRA W32
EL064v SFRA W34
EL064w SFRA W47
EL064x SFRA W49
EL065 Halton Local List (2019) - pending
EL066 Understanding the factors affecting health in Halton (Lancaster Uni, 2003)
EL067 Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (2019)
EL068 Halton Health and Wellbeing Strategy (HBC, 2017)
EL069 DALP Site Assessment Technical Report (HBC,2018)
EL069a Appleton Ward
EL069b Beechwood Ward
EL069c Birchfield Ward
EL069d Broadheath Ward​
EL069e​​ Daresbury Ward
EL069f​​ Ditton Ward
EL069g Farnworth Ward​​
EL069h​​ Grange Ward
EL069i​ Hale Ward
EL069j Halton Brook Ward​​
EL069k​​ Halton Castle Ward
EL069​l Halton Lea Ward
EL069​​m Halton View Ward
EL069n Heath Ward
EL069o​​ Hough Green Ward
EL069p Kingsway Ward​​
EL069q Mersey Ward
EL069r Norton North Ward
EL069s Norton South Ward​​
EL069t Riverside Ward​​
EL069u Windmill Hill Ward
EL069v Addendum​
EL070 Infrastructure Plan Review (2017)
EL071 SA Scoping Report (2016)
EL072 HIA Guidance (HBC, 2014)
EL073 Halton Sustainable Community Strategy 2011-2026 (HBC, 2011)
EL074 Surface Mining Coal Resource areas (Coal Authority, 2011) - pending​
EL075 Habitat Regulation Assessment (2011)
EL076 Halton Local Brownfield Strategy (HCA, 2010)
EL077 Greenfield Brownfield Exchange concept Report (ARUP, 2010)
EL078 Tackling Obesities Future Choices Project Report 2nd Edition (Gov Office for Science, 2010)
EL079 UK Renewable Energy Strategy (HM Gov, 2009)
EL080 The Future of Air Transport (DFT, 2003)​
EL081 Delivery and Allocations Local Plan Scoping Document 2014​​
EL082 DALP Revised Scoping (reg 18) Jan 2016
EL083 Draft DALP Draft Publication Reg 18
EL084 Draft Policies Map Reg 18​
EL085 2019 Joint Local Aggregate Assessment​
EL086 PSD01 2019 Housing Needs Assessment
EL087 SA-SEA of Halton Local Plan (Dec17)
EL088 2017 LDS (Web)
EL089 Final SCI (Adopted Sep2013)​
EL090 Authority Monitoring Report_Employment 2019​​
EL091 Halton Local Plan Transport Network Impacts (MMcD, 2020)​
EL092 UDP (2005)​​
EL093 SA Scoping Report 01.05.14
EL094 Housing Developable Area Assumptions
EL095 Mid Mersey SHMA 2016
EL096 AMR HNA 2018​
EL097 Employment Allocations​​
EL098 Housing Allocations – See EL101 for update
EL099 LCR LEP Economic Outlook (OxfordEconomics) Jul16​​​
EL100 LCR LEP Growth Scenario (Oxford Economics) Nov16​
EL101 AMR Housing Land Availability (HBC, 2020)
EL102 AMR Employment Land 2020​
EL103 Infrastructure Plan (HBC) Sept'20​​
EL104 Towards LCR RMS Evidence Report Feb21​​
EL104a InspectorNote_LCR RMS_v1_25-2-21​​​
EL105 Large B8 Sheds (2020) A0​​​​
EL106 (MAp) Agricultural Grade​​​
EL107 (Map) Alloc and PADHI​​​
EL109 Flood Map May 2021 LR​​​​​​
​​ ​