​Building Control

Temporary ​Changes To Our Service – Covid-19 Update

Our flexible working policy and the actions we have taken internally helps us to minimise the risk of the virus being spread. This means that Knowsley & Halton Building Control Services is in a good position to carry on providing our statutory function during this challenging and unpredictable time. 

At the time of the release of this statement, we are implementing the following measures that we hope will ensure our customers experience an undisrupted service until the Government advises us that business practices can return to normal. 

  1. Applications – for building control services should be submitted online at building.control@halton.gov.uk
  2. Plan checking – service will continue as normal.
  3. Site inspections – to ensure the health and wellbeing of our staff and any person who they will come into contact with on site, we are amending our approach to site work;
  4. Virtual inspections – where appropriate we will carry out certain inspections virtually, obtaining necessary evidence to confirm compliance.
  5. Pre site visit assessment – for certain inspections we recognize that it will still be necessary to attend site. Prior to the visit you will be asked the following questions;
  6. Has anyone at the site (property owner or builder) been ill and displaying the coronavirus symptoms;
  7. Has anyone at the site (property owner or builder) travelled from Italy, Spain or China within the last 2 weeks;
  8. Could the inspection be carried out in the absence of the property owner or homeowner if necessary? 

With questions 6. and 7. if anyone is ill or has visited those countries then we will ask to delay our visit until such time as the necessary quarantine period has expired. 

In addition some of our staff are currently self-isolating due to their own health issues or those of their dependants. We therefore we apologise in advance if this means our level of service is disrupted but we are sure you will understand in these uncertain times.

If you do have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch at building.control@halton.gov.uk  or contact 0151-511-6565

For Inspections in HALTON please call 0151 511 6565.
For Inspections in KNOWSLEY please call 0151 443 2342.​

Full Plans Application

Email your electronic application and plans to building.control@halton.gov.uk.  The plans should be drawn to a suitable scale ie: 1:50, and 1:100, contain floor plans, elevations and sections showing all construction detail.  Your plans will normally be checked within 10 working days of a valid submission. If they conform to the relevant regulations then an “Approval” will be issued.  If they show omissions or further information is required then advice will be given.  Further guidance is available in the merseyside guide to extending your home.

Building Notice Application

This type of application is generally aimed at very small domestic building works and projects which do not require consultation with United Utilities regarding public sewers nearby and we also cannot accept a Building Notice for commercial or industrial buildings. No formal approval will be given with these types of application. The total fee is payable upon the submission of the application in full.  Email your electronic application and plans to building.control@halton.gov.uk.


For Building Control fees, you can email building.control@halton.gov.uk detailing the proposed work and we will contact you within one working day. You can also contact the following officers below between 8.30am-5:00pm Monday to Thursday & 8.30am-4:40pm Friday.

  • Gareth Frost - Building Control Surveyor: 0151 511 7576 / 07880815423
  • ​Paul Devine - Building Control Surveyor: 0151 511 8732 / 07384455458
  • Adam Jones - Building Control Manager: 0151 443 2342 / 07814775321
  • Andy Carvell - Building Control Surveyor: 0151 443 2224 / 07500765133

Fees can be paid online


The demolition of any building exceeding 50 cubic metres (1750 cubic feet), roughly the size of a single garage, will require a demolition notice before starting demolition work. You will need to notify us in writing of your intention and not commence demolition until your receive a Demolition Notice in return from us.

Demolition work should not start until:

  • You have received a Notice from the Local Authority containing conditions which you must follow; or
  • A period of six weeks has passed since you informed the Local Authority of your intention to commence demolition.
  • During the demolition process the Building Control Officers will carry out regular inspections to ensure that you comply with all the conditions imposed.  Please remember that the requirements of the Health and Safety Executive must also apply along with the Construction Design and Management Regulations.

Should demolition work commence without informing the Local Authority you will be committing an offence and could be fined up to £2,500. It should also be noted that if demolition work relates to a Listed Building then a Listed Building Consent will also be required.  In these cases a separate notification needs to be given under the planning regulations. If in doubt please contact us.

Other application forms

Dangerous Structure

If you have any doubts as to whether the building you are dealing with is dangerous please contact us immediately on 0303 333 4300 during office hours 8am - 6pm Monday-Friday (except Bank Holidays) and 0333 000 4300 at all other times.