Halton Women's Centre

Halton Women's Centre provides a safe, supportive and confidential environment. We offer a holistic approach using trauma informed practice to promote the emotional wellbeing of women aged 18 and over.

We deliver practical and emotional support, advice and opportunities to help individuals improve their current situation and become more confident to learn new skills and make healthier life choices.

Specific sessions offered at the Centre include personal development courses, counselling, health and wellbeing, therapeutic activities, as well as advice and / or signposting to other relevant services and community activities.

We liaise with many local agencies to signpost/refer on to as well as enabling them to deliver targeted sessions at the Centre, where appropriate. Referrals are received from both professionals and individuals by either completing a referral form or contacting a member of staff.

Contact information

Email: womens.centre@halton.gov.uk or call 01928 566073.