Alcohol Primary Schools Presentation
​ Healthy Schools Alcohol presentation
Alcohol in Pregnancy Information
Stop drinking mummy flyer
Trying for a baby -  alcohol flyer


Healthy Schools Tobacco presentation

Healthy Eating

Rethink your Drink - Sugar Swaps Poster
Food Diary
Healthy Schools Fit 4 Life Level 1 presentation
Healthy Schools Fit 4 Life Level 2 presentation
Sugar the Musical Instructional Booklet
Healthy Start Vitamins
Eat Better Start Better
Catering for special dietary requirements
Healthy packed lunches for early years
Portion Sizes Leaflet
Producing and sharing allergen information
Promoting and supporting healthy eating
Snack Shop Price List
Brands Quiz
60-second physical activity challenges
Eat Well Guide
Daily Goals Record
Food Groups Activity Cards
Health Facts Dominoes
Human body fuels worksheet
Label Reading food cards
Portion Sizes Table
Sugary Sid Healthy Helen
Healthy Eating – Public health England
Public Health England health resources to print

Physical Activity

Active School Planner
Increase Physical activity in schools
School Games


Good Sleep Bad Sleep picture cards
Screen time diary
Sleep Diary


RSHE Guidance

Other PSHE

Rise Above for Schools (PSHE)
PHE school zone
Anti-knife Crime sessions for schools

Breast Feeding

Breastfeeding Schools Book
Breastfeeding Support Groups
Breastfeeding Helpful Tips
NHS Breastfeeding advice

Solid Foods

First Steps Nutrition Trust
NHS Introducing solid foods advice
Solid food planner


Toilet Training
Supporting your child to wean off bottles and dummies
Guide to bottle feeding
My Home School Planner
Some ideas for family activities in Self Isolation.
Triple P for Parents Website link
Triple P -  Positive Parenting Programme
Triple P - Top 10 Tips for Parents
Parental internet advice
Internet safety for Parents