Healthy Schools: Secondary

Halton Healthy schools award is based on a whole school approach, providing a basis from which developments and improvements are embedded in a systematic way throughout the school and effectively contribute to the physical and emotional health and wellbeing of all members of the school community. Being a Healthy School is not just about children and young people, it is about the Whole School Community.

Halton Healthy schools commitment is based on a whole school approach from policies and ethos to pupils and staff wellbeing. There is an expectation that you will look at your whole school and embed a healthy culture.

A Healthy school commits to:

  • Reduce Health inequalities through; closing the Gap of attainment and achievement, improve transitions and increase resilience by recognising a range of achievements and promoting engagement and confidence in pupils.
  • Reduce Health inequalities through; closing the Gap of attainment and achievement, improve transitions and increase resilience by recognising a range of achievements and promoting engagement and confidence in pupils.
  • Mental health and resilience framework embedded into school culture and applied consistently across the whole school community.
  • Provide opportunities for physical activity within school and promote physical activity outside of school (30mins a day in school time made up of no less than 10 mins at a time).

Healthy schools Visit Head teacher / dept

Visit from our Health improvement specialists, in order to sign up for Healthy schools award and discuss health within your schools and surrounding community

MHARS Mental health & resilience framework

sets out 7 key areas for good mental health, wellbeing & resilience. We will support you to assess your current practice, support development & celebrate good practice.

Healthitude Health Days Year 8

A range of PSHE sessions available as part of a health day.

Parent Bite Size

Top tips for parents on healthy lifestyles including; food industry uncovered, Lunchboxes and being active. 30 – 60 min sessions.

School or Sports Council

Working on a specific health topic, that the school council want to change or make a difference in their school (3 x 30 min sessions)

Youth Health Champions Small group

Supports pupils to become peer mentors in their school and community through weekly sessions working towards a Royal Society of Public Health Qualification equivalent to NVQ 2/3

Staff Training

Staff training in mental health, Fit 4 Life, smoking, alcohol, Breastfeeding awareness, and sex and relationships.

Dementia Friends

A Dementia Friend learns a little bit more about what it’s like to live with dementia and then turns that understanding into action. A 90 min session held at Halton Libraries.

Stay Safe Yrs 8 -10

Personal Safety, looking at the legalities and consequences of violence, knives and weapons, how to stay safe, find support and options to report concerns.


C-Card Year 8 and up

Provides information about the c-card scheme in Halton, how to access it and its benefits.


Explore and understand diversity of LGBT issues and enable students to appreciate differences between sexuality and gender identity.

Get it on Year 8 and up

Explore A multi station workshop covering a range of issues including relationships, contraception and risky behaviours. Delivered in small groups enabling discussion and focused learning.


Fit 4 life 3 Year 8

A guide to making practical healthy choices as well as looking at the food industry and how it markets foods high in sugars and fats.

Mental Health & Resilience Year 8

Awareness around mental health and coping strategies to promote resilience in young people.

Alcohol Year 8

A Look at alcohol, youth culture, the law and the short and long term health impacts.

Tobacco Education Year 8

A Look at the tobacco history and industry, what cigarettes contain and the financial implications of smoking.

Drugs Year 8

Legal and illegal types of drugs, the law and impact on health and lifestyle. Including the influence of peer pressure. Class need to have done Tobacco and /or Alcohol session before drugs session.

E-safety Year 8

Promoting Healthy lifestyle choices, including balanced diet and the importance of physical activity.

Healthy relationships Year 8 and up

Explores different types of relationships and gives insight into positive and negative characteristics.

First Aid Year 6

Everyday first aid workshops are fun interactive, learning essential skills to help in a first aid emergency.

If booking more than one Healthitude session per academic year, the sessions must be on the same day as part of a health day.