Older People's Services

We provides a range of tailor-made services across Halton to improve the physical, social and mental health of residents over 50 years of age. All our programmes are based around the needs of local people. We aim to work with the community for long-term health improvement, not short-term fixes.

Age Well Exercise Classes

In Halton, our programme of exercise and education is designed to improve your strength, balance, co-ordination and confidence. This programme is appropriate if you have had 1 or more falls, if you have a fear of falling, or if you have osteoporosis.

You will need approval from your GP first to be accepted on to the programme. Once we have this approval, you will then have an initial assessment. The programme consists of community classes, home-based exercises and guest speakers relating to falls prevention.

Sure Start to Later Life

Sure Start to Later Life is an information service for the over 55’s in Halton providing a free, personal and confidential information service to help people to live a happy and independent life. We can offer information and a range of activities available in the local community that enable older people to take an active part in their community.

The overall aims of the service are to help older people to:

  • Maintain or regain independence
  • Improve your health and well being
  • Make new friends and get out more
  • Learn new skills
  • Remain in your own home
  • Prevent feelings of isolation and loneliness

Examples of what we offer

If there is something a person has always wanted to do, but they haven't been able to do it because something is stopping them - then we will see if we can help. If transport is a problem then we will look for solutions to resolve the problem. Similarly if the person would like information to get started on an activity then we can point the way. We also make referrals to other local relevant services as and when appropriate.

The monthly afternoon tea social event, is held every 2nd Monday from 1-4pm, and runs from February through to November, and is held in the main hall, at Grangeway Community Centre in Runcorn. For a very reasonable cost there is live entertainment and food and drinks served to the table. There are places for 100 people, and every effort is made so each event is special, with table decoration and balloon displays.

At the moment, transport is not included so people will need to make their own way. Everyone is made to feel very welcome, it’s a great way to make new friends, with lots of fun and laughter, singing and if people want to, they can have a dance.

Another part of the service is our volunteer service which helps to achieve the above by supporting older people in their own homes – befriending, or helping a person get out and about.  We also have volunteer roles to help people access information technology from first steps to IT, to introducing people to the Internet, to supporting the person to an IT course etc.

The Day Trippers service is something that we and Halton Community Transport have helped to re-establish. We now have over 500 residents of Halton including carers and family are on the Daytrippers database.

We can also provide information and advice on many different areas such as:

  • Benefits and pensions
  • Transport
  • Education
  • Social Activities
  • Health and fitness and many, many more.

If you would like to speak to us you can call us on 01928 569498 or pop in and see us at the Grangeway Community and Youth Centre

Men’s Recharge

Men’s Recharge gives men over 50 in Halton the opportunity to come together and take part in activities and build friendships. The overall aim is to improve the health and wellbeing for men aged over 50, and Men’s recharge offers a range of activities covering healthy eating, cook and taste sessions, physical activity sessions, health checks, arts and crafts and guest speakers. The activities may include things such as: making hanging baskets, bird houses and clocks. Every man is also offered a health check on a regular basis to ensure that if they need to seek further advice, referral and signposting is available.

In addition to this the men often go out for days together, such as Norton Priory, bowling and Christmas lunches.

Men’s recharges runs in both Widnes and Runcorn and you can attend either or both sessions if required.