Reopening buildings and services safely

Halton Borough Council will continue to do what is right for Halton, its residents and for its employees as lockdown restrictions are eased and it looks to reopen buildings and services.

Services will be reopened and staff brought back into the workplace when it is safe to do so.

Below you will find a list of services and workplaces that have reopened.  A copy of the completed COVID 19 Return to Work Management Checklist can be found by clicking on the service/building name.

Acorn Learning Centre
Animal Farm Halton Day Services
Brooker Centre
Brookvale Childrens Centre
Brookvale Leisure Centre
Castlefields Community Centre
Ditton Community Centre
Ditton Early Years Centre
Ditton Library
Frank Myler Pavilion
Glendale Family Centre
Grangeway Community Centre
Halton Brook Childrens Centre
Halton Lea Halton Direct Link
Halton Lea Library
Halton Lodge Childrens Centre
Halton People Into Jobs Church Street
Halton Stadium
Halton Stadium Ground Floor
Health & Wellbeing Team
Hough Green Park
Kingsway Learning Centre
Kingsway Leisure Centre
Legal Services
Lowerhouse Lane Depot - Waste Management Office
Moorfield Road Site - 1st Floor Halton Supported Housing Network (HSHN)
Moorfield Road - Dementia Service/ HDS/HSHN Office
MOT Testing Station
Municipal Building - 1st Floor
Municipal Building Ground Floor Office and Reception
Municipal Building - 2nd Floor
Municipal Building - 5th Floor
Murdishaw Community Centre
Old Police Station
Peelhouse Family Centre
Picow Farm Depot
Print Unit
Public Toilets - Runcorn
Public Toilets - Widnes
Records Management Unit
Registration Service
Runcorn library
Runcorn Swimming Pool
Runcorn Town Hall Ground Floor
Runcorn Town Hall 1st Floor​
Runcorn Town Hall 2nd Floor - Admin Team
Runcorn Town Hall 2nd Floor - Finance
Runcorn Town Hall The Tower
Rutland House, 1st Floor Admin Teams
Stadium Fitness Office
The brindley
Upton Community Centre
Unison office
Vine Street
Widnes Halton Direct Link
Widnes Library
Widnes Market
Windmill Hill Childrens Centre
Women's Centre