Sundry Debtor Invoices

The Council will send out other invoices in addition to Council Tax and/or Business Rates. These invoices may cover a service the Council has provided. Some examples of services that the Council have to make a charge for;

  • Hire of Leisure facilities, e.g. halls or football pitches
  • Pest control/treatment
  • Home care and residential care

Alternatively you may receive an invoice to recover money/benefits you were not entitled to, or as the result of a legislative requirement or contractual agreement. Some examples for which an invoice might be raised are:

  • Overpaid Housing Benefit
  • Business Refuse collection and bin hire
  • Commercial rent payments
  • Planning inspection charges
  • Leases and Licenses
  • Overpaid wages

Standard Payment Terms

Invoices are usually payable immediately however the specific payment terms will be detailed on the front of the invoice. Please read your invoice carefully to avoid it becoming overdue.

If you are paying by instalments, we may have to remove this facility if you fail to bring your account up to date or fail to keep to an agreed arrangement. In these circumstances the remaining balance on your account will become due immediately.

Halton Borough Council will exercise its statutory right to claim interest and compensation for debt recovery costs if it is not paid in line with the agreed payment terms.

How to pay

please ensure when making a payment that you remember to quote the invoice number(s) provided on your invoice.

Direct Debit

Direct Debit is without doubt the most efficient and economical method of payment for Sundry Debts. There is no extra charge for paying by direct debit 

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If you have signed a Direct Debit mandate but have received an invoice you don't have to pay it if you have completed a Direct Debit mandate and have received a letter from us confirming the dates and amounts of the Direct Debit to be collected.


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Automated Telephone Payments

Pay with a Credit or Debit Card using our 24 hour Automated Telephone Payments System. All you need to do is to ring our Automated Telephone Payment System on 0303 333 4300. Please select Option 1 for payments and then Option 2 for ‘invoices for Council Services’ enter your 8 digit invoice number when prompted and have to hand:

  • Your customer ID/Invoice number
  • Your Debit or Credit Card
  • A pen and paper to take down your transaction number.
There is no charge for using your credit or debit card. Acceptable cards are:
  • VISA

Bank Transfer

To make payments by bank transfer, the account details are:
  • Account number 98682164
  • Sort Code 60-19-24
  • IBAN GB66NWBK60192498682164
  • VAT No 152/8201/89
  • Remittance to be e-mailed to

By Cheque or Postal order

  • Made payable to: HALTON BOROUGH COUNCIL
  • Quote your customer ID/invoice number and send to Halton Borough Council, Income Control, PO Box 223, Widnes, WA8 2DA.
  • Post-dated cheques will not be accepted.
  • Please do not send cash in the post.

If I wish to pay a number of invoices at the same time, you can just use one cheque is fine but you must indicate what the payment is for by writing the invoice number and amounts on the back of the cheque or by attaching the details to the payment.

In Person

Payment kiosks are available at the Halton Direct Links (One Stop Shops). Please note that the payment kiosks do not facilitate payment by cheque.

What to do if you are struggling to pay

Failure to make payment may result in recovery through the County Court, or an Enforcement Agent calling at your home or work. It is therefore very important that you contact the Sundry Debtor Team as soon as possible. In certain circumstances we may be able to work out a repayment plan with you.

If you do not comply with the payment terms agreed, Halton Borough Council reserves the right to take further recovery action, which may include:

  • Referral to a Civil Collection Agent to pursue the debt
  • Third Party Order (attachment to your bank account)
  • Charging Order (including the forced sale of your home)
  • Warrant of Execution (County Court Enforcement Agents)
  • Bankruptcy

Interest, compensation and recovery costs

In accordance with legislation, the Council will exercise its statutory right to claim interest and compensation for debt recovery costs if it is not paid in line with the agreed payment terms. This could significantly increase the amount you owe.

Further information on interest and compensation can be found on the website.

Commercial Debts

Under the provisions of the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998, Halton Borough Council has a statutory right to claim interest, compensation and reasonable debt recovery costs where an invoice becomes overdue. For more information about fees and interest please contact us

Debt and Money Advice

If you are unable to pay the full amount or you genuinely believe you do not owe any money you should contact us immediately. If you are experiencing financial difficulty the Council offers a free Money Advice service. You can contact them on 0151 511 8930.

Contact Us/Report Change of Circumstances

Please advise us if you have had a change in your circumstances. You will need your 8 digit invoice number or customer ID as a reference. You can also use the online form below to get in touch with us.

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Data Protection

Halton Borough Council is the Data Controller for the personal information you provide. We collect and hold information about you in order to process your request. For further information regarding data protection please visit our Data Protection and FOI web page.