Doing Business with Us

Supplier Invoices

To help us to pay you quickly, please submit your invoice electronically. Invoices should be submitted to

For information, the Council offers an Early Payment Scheme which can provide cash flow benefits to your business.

This programme enables your invoices to be paid ahead of contractual payment terms in exchange for a pre-agreed rebate. For more information about this offering please email


Become a supplier

Halton Borough Council operates a fair and open competition by following transparent and auditable procedures in all of its tendering and contracting activity. It aims to provide a wide range of businesses with a variety of commercial opportunities by publishing all its opportunities in excess of £1,000.

To trade with the Council you will need to register on the north west e tendering portal The Chest.

Register to become a supplier »

Where the goods/services to be provided are less than £1,000 you may be approached by a Halton Council member of staff to supply a quote or price for goods and/or services. If your quote or price is acceptable, that member of staff will need to get your organisation set up on our finance system as a new supplier. If you are asked to supply goods and services to Halton Borough Council for the first time you should ensure that your supplier record has been created on our finance system to avoid any delay in receiving payment.

The supplier process has a number of stages. As the supplier you will be asked to provide details about your company. Our preferred method of sending purchase orders and invoice remittances is by email. This is both a sustainable and timely process. We also prefer to pay our vendors via BACS transfer.

If you need to change your supplier details, (for example, your bank or address details), please contact us.

It is also worth looking at our approach to Social Value and the procurement framework.

Halton’s published Contract details, along with other North West Local Authorities, can be found on the contract register.


Construction Industry Scheme (CIS)

The Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) is a Government-led scheme that covers all construction work (including demolition, site-clearance, building, alterations, repairs, dismantling, decorating, glazing, landscaping, electrical or maintenance, repair and re-surfacing of roads and bridges) carried out in the UK.

If the above applies to you, please ensure you quote your Unique Tax Reference (UTR) number on all invoices you send to us. The Finance Support Services Team maintains a register of all CIS Sub-Contractors that the Council engages with and reports all payments that fall into the scheme to the HM Revenues & Customs. If you are a sub-contractor undertaking work for Halton Borough Council please contact us for any advice.


Invoice and payments

All original invoices must quote a valid purchase order number and be emailed to The standard term of payment is for Halton Borough Council to pay suppliers within 30 days of receipt of the invoice or agreed contract terms where applicable, except when an invoice is in dispute. Your invoice must include:

  • A valid Halton Borough Council purchase order number;
  • An invoice date;
  • An invoice number;
  • A total amount payable plus VAT (if applicable);
  • Your vendor (supplier) number (you can find this on purchase orders we send to you);
  • The word ‘Invoice’ clearly written; and
  • Your full name and address
  • It must be addressed to ‘Halton Borough Council’

If you supply capital projects, buildings or facilities and have a ‘Unique Tax Reference’ number, please clearly show this number on your invoice.

Halton Borough Council’s preferred method of payment is by BACS Direct Credit. If you would like to register for payment of your invoices by BACS Direct Credit please contact the Finance Support Services Team

All suppliers must have a purchase order for any goods or services we request before they can be supplied. Please use the information on these pages to ensure that you only supply goods or services when in receipt of a valid purchase order.


Purchase Order

Your Halton Borough Council contact will complete a purchase order request. Once approved this will be sent to you. When the goods and/or services have been received and passed fit for purpose, your Halton Borough Council contact will confirm they have received them to the Finance Support Services Team. When we receive your invoice the Finance Support Services Team will compare the invoice details to the purchase order number quoted. They will then confirm that the goods have been received and pass the invoice for payment.