Community Groups & Funding/Grants Advice

Information below focuses on community funding and advice.  Information on business support funding is available from


Area Forum

If you have an idea for a project which and would like funding you may be able to apply for Area Forum funding

Community Grants​

Halton Borough Council is committed to supporting community groups and voluntary organisations and believes these groups can make a positive contribution to improving community life.

You can now apply for this grant online but please make sure you have completed your application form (word document) ready to upload.

Voluntary Sector Core Funding

Setting up a community group

Each group varies but in general once you have at least 3 people (and preferably more) you will need to do the following:

  • Hold an initial meeting
  • Agree the groups aims
  • Write a constitution
  • Open a bank account
  • Decide who is going to do what

What support can the Council (Community Development) provide?

These are some of the key things that the team can help you with:

  • Forming a group
  • Running meetings (writing agenda and minutes etc)
  • Sourcing and applying for funding
  • Writing policies and procedures
  • Planning Consultation
  • Action Planning

For information & advice around setting up a group please contact us​.

Funding Advice & Support

For information & advice around funding please contact us​. The support offered includes:

  • Funding searches
  • Targeted funding information updates via quarterly bulletins
  • Support with bid writing
  • Production of supporting documents e.g. business plans and development of funding strategies

Monthly funding bulletins are available offering information on funding opportunities.  Sign up to recieve bulletin updates to your inbox

COVID-19: Funding opportunities available

Funding Training

Please find below the details of the Courses run by Halton Borough Council.​

  • Basic Bid Writing Training: Subjects covered in the course include: Essential requirements of a strong bid (‘Top-Tips’); Basic bid-writing skills to meet the funder’s essential requirements; Common reasons for bid failure.
  • Monitoring and Evaluation Training: Subjects covered in the course include: To understand what Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) involves; To learn why it is necessary; To understand where and how Monitoring & Evaluation should be used in grant-funded projects; To learn best practice (‘top tips’) for producing good quality and effective data and reports.
  • Now You Have Your Grant Course: This course will offer a basic introduction to the responsibilities of grant management for those who have not received external funding before, or who are relatively new to managing grant funding.

If you wish to attend, dates are available on our online booking form​.​

  • We also have available to purchase a Bid Writing Reference Manual which is an excellent resource for bid writing. If you require any more information or wish to purchase a Manual please get in touch