The Emergency Respite Service

How do I access the service?

The Emergency Respite service is available to those carers that have received a Carers Assessment during which; it has been identified that there is a potential need for an emergency respite plan to be put in place. The Carer Assessor will arrange for you to be registered with the Homecare Service. Carers or the “ Cared For” person can then contact the service 24 hours a day 7 days a week if an emergency arises that requires respite.

What is the Emergency Respite Service?

Halton Carers Emergency Respite Service is a service for Carers in Halton. The service provides emergency respite for adults who usually receive care and support from an informal carer. If an emergency prevents the carer from providing care, the respite service can provide care in the persons own home.

Who can receive the service?

Carers who provide significant levels of care or support to adults who live in Halton, can ask to be assessed to see if they can receive this support.

What makes something an emergency ?

The Department of Health has provided guidance to all councils in England about what type of situations can be classed as an emergency. These include: 

  • The carer being admitted to hospital in an emergency or suffering some ill health that prevents them from carrying out the care.
  • A close relative being taken ill and requiring help and attention for the carer.
  • The carer unexpectedly being prevented from going to work due to the needs of the person they care for; a funeral of a friend or relative.

Who will provide the service?

Halton Borough Council’s Homecare Service will provide the Emergency Respite Service. They are registered with the Care Quality Commission to provide Domiciliary Care and support to adults. Staff receive training on all aspects of personal care and support. Homecare operates 2 teams, one in Widnes and one in Runcorn with a single service overnight.

How do I contact the service once I am registered?

Telephone Halton Borough Council on 0151 907 8306​ anytime, day or night and ask for Halton Emergency Respite Service.