Supported Living and Extra Care Housing​​

Supported Living and Extra Care Housing (sometimes called Assisted Living) offers an alternative to residential care or living with family with the help a person may n​eed to be independent

Halton Borough Council runs Halton Supported Housing Network, which is a supported living service for adults with complex needs providing care and support for people who have been assessed as requiring support due to age, illness or disability. The service supports up to 52 people to have their own tenancy across 18 properties within the Runcorn and Widnes area. Once the level of assessed need is established, staffing is arranged to enable people to live an ordinary life in the community either in their own tenancy or sharing with up to two others.

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Vulnerable Adults Supported Accommodation

The Council provides vulnerable adults supported accommodation to deliver care and support within supported living settings in the borough. Support is delivered by a number of commissioned providers, as well as an in-house service. Accommodation is generally within rented properties with registered social landlords, but other housing options are available.

Vulnerable adults supported accommodation provides housing for up to 200 people within around 70 properties and schemes across the borough. The accommodation includes shared tenancies, single occupancy properties and ‘own front door’ schemes where individuals will have their own self-contained flat within a larger accommodation setting.

Extra Care Housing

Halton Borough Council commissions four extra care housing schemes for older people in Halton. The extra care model in Halton provides care and support where an assessed in line with identified, care is generally provided by the Council’s commissioned Domiciliary Care provider.

Three extra care schemes are delivered by Halton Housing at Barkla Fields and Naughton Fields in Widnes and Hazlehurst in Runcorn. All schemes are mixed tenure, with rented and shared ownership properties. The other scheme is at Dorset Gardens, this is a fully rented scheme and provided by Riverside Housing.

If you think you or your family member would benefit from a supported living arrangement, please contact the Council to arrange for an initial assessment of your care and support needs

If you are interested in Extra Care Housing, please contact Halton Housing or Riverside directly or apply for any vacancies through Property Pool Plus.