Community Alarm Telecare and ​KeySafe

Halton offers a Telehealthcare service for anyone who feels at risk or vulnerable in their own home

Halton’s Telehealthcare Service comprises:

  • Community Alarm – A special alarm that enables you to press a button on the alarm or on a pendant you wear when you are having difficulty. Pressing the button sends a message to the Council’s Contact Centre. The Contact Centre will then make contact with you to find out what the difficulty is and provide help.
  • Telecare – A range of electronic sensors installed in your home, which provide support and assistance using information and communication technology. After an assessment and demonstration, a Telecare solution is tailored to your own needs and will trigger an agreed response for different types of incidents.

The service provides a 24-hour, 365-day response service across two service levels:

  • Basic – Telehealthcare with response;
  • Enhanced – Telehealthcare with multiple environmental sensor and/or lifestyle sensors with response.

There are different costs associated with each service level; however, if you are in receipt of certain benefits you may be eligible to have the service funded.

Everything will be discussed with you when we visit to complete an assessment in order to recommend a tailored package of equipment and services suitable to your needs.

A leaflet outlining the costs of the service is available

Please contact us on 0151 907 8306 if you feel you would benefit from the Telehealthcare Service or would like some further information​.

A Telehealthcare Service Information Guide is available


The Telehealthcare Service can also arrange the installation of a Keysafe. A Keysafe is a small box that holds a key and means that your family, carers and emergency services can get into your home if you cannot get to the door. All our Keysafes are Police-approved and meet stringent security standards.

Please see the Keysafe Agreement and Information Leaflet for more information