Halton Community Alarm & Telecare

Community Alarm

The service uses a special alarm linked to your telephone that enables you to press a button on either the alarm or on a pendant you wear when you are having difficulty. Pressing the button sends a message to the Contact Centre. The Contact Centre will then make contact with you to find out what the difficulty is and provide help. All eligible referrals for people applying for services will be prioritised and a letter will be sent to you explaining when a visit is likely to happen.


Telecare is a set of electronic sensors installed in your home which provide support and assistance  using information and communication technology. To the 1.75 million people who now rely on a telecare service in the UK, it offers peace of mind and the certainty that there is always someone to help them in times of difficulty day or night. After an assessment and demonstration, Telecare is tailored to your own needs and will trigger an agreed response for different types of incidents.


Service LevelDescriptionCost per week


Telehealthcare with Response



Telehealthcare with multiple environmental

sensors and/or lifestyle sensors with Response


House in Multiple Occupation

All levels of Service

£3.36 per person

DescriptionCost per week
Manual Keysafe with installation £56.60 one-off fee
Electronic Keysafe with installation £2 per week

For information see the Community Alarm leaflet or visit http://www.independentforlonger.com/ which provides examples of how telecare can help in certain situations.

Phone: 0151 907 8306​  or call into any of the Halton Direct Link Shops