​School Governors

Halton Local Authority is working in partnership with Cheshire East Council and Edsential (a Community Interest company) to deliver Governor Support Services to Halton’s schools.

Please contact: Cheshire East Council Tel: 0300 123 5036 for the Governors’ Learning Partnership (GLP) SLA and for training, support, advice and guidance and Edsential Tel: 0845 557 6315 for the Governor Clerkship SLA and support for termly governing body meetings.

The Halton School Governance Strategy outlines what is currently in place to support Halton’s governors in their role and to support the development of effective governance in Halton’s schools.

The latest edition of the Governors Handbook published by the DfE together with the list of statutory policies for governing bodies can be found on the National Governors’ Association website

Director of Children’s Services Termly Reports to Governors

Governor Training Opportunities and Events 

  • National Leaders of Governance (NLG) application round - If you are an experienced chair of governors who is interested in supporting chairs of governors in other schools, you might want to apply to be a national leader of governance (NLG).  Please see the updated DfE website for information. 

Governance Regulations and Non Statutory Advice

General Guidance

DfE Guidance

HBC Guidance

NGA Guidance



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