Post 16 Education and Training

For Young People that are not in Employment, Education or Training (NEET) or those at risk of NEET. Halton Borough Council have a team of Young People’s Case Workers. This team tracks the education and employment activities of young people of academic ages 16 to 18, reporting this every month to the Department for Education.

The Young People’s Case Workers will support the move (transition) into education or training of young people who are Not Engaged in Education or Training (NEET). The team review and assess information on young people and liaise with partners to make appropriate referrals into provision and services. Case Workers follow up referrals to review whether they have been appropriate and to involve additional agencies where necessary

If you are working with a young person who is NEET aged 16 to 18 or for those young people with special educational needs and/or disabilities aged 19 to 24 – please contact the team to ensure appropriate provision and support is in place: ​


Young People


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