Bulky Collections

Donate it or Recycle it

  • If your unwanted item is in decent condition, why not give it to someone who could use it, use the Freecycle website or ask a charity to pick it up?
  • Alternatively take it to your nearest recycling centre.

Ask us to collect

Check Accepted Items

  • Collections take place between 8am and 4pm.
  • We collect in Widnes on Tuesdays and Runcorn on Wednesdays. The date of collection will be provided as part of your confirmation information.
  • The cut-off time to amend orders is one full working day prior to collection. Orders that are cancelled after this cut-off time will not be refunded and changes to the order will not be guaranteed.
  • All items should be easily lifted by two operatives with no sharp edges that could cause harm.
  • Items will not be collected from inside a property. 
  • When collecting from flats and apartments the crew will not go upstairs or in lifts items need to be brought down to a ground floor communal area.
  • Items in garages will only be collected if the resident is present.
  • Glass items of any kind are NOT accepted; Including items such as TV Stands, Tables, Mirrors. The crew will not take glass items and no refund will be awarded.
  • Please note we do not remove American Fridge Freezers or Commercial/Industrial Fridges or Fridge Freezers.; if you have booked this item under 'Fridge Freezer' please email us back immediately. No refund will be awarded if the crew deem your Fridge freezer to be an American style or Commercial on collection.

Order bulky online

Item specific information:

  • Upholstered items - must be kept dry and may not be collected if they become wet.
  • Corner sofas - number of pieces must be specified when ordering; 2 pieces = 2 items, 3 pieces = 3 items, 4 pieces = 4 items.​
  • Fence panels - 1 panel = 1 item.
  • Laminate flooring - bundled in packs of no more than 10 pieces; up to 3 bundles = 1 item.
  • Carpets – rolled up in lengths of no more than 4ft or cut up and bagged; 1 carpet = 1 item.
  • Swings and slides – dismantled with any poles tied together.
  • Bathroom suites including toilets – need to be in a hygienic condition before collection.
  • Bed base / Frame = 1 item
  • Mattress = 1 Item
  • Domestic Fridges and freezers must be hygienic and free of food or any other items.

Bulky Item Fees:

  • £26 for up to 3 items;
  • £6.75 per additional item - up to a maximum of 3 additional items;
  • Fees for collections must be paid before the job can be allocated.

Order your bulky collection online, once we receive confirmation of payment we will issue the job for the next available date of collection.