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Jul 22
Widnes-on-Sea  - It's here!


It’s the week before war is declared and the sunny town of Widnes is aware that something is happening, but not quite sure what - You can find out more from Wednesday 23 to Saturday 26 July at Widnes-on-Sea.

This year we are commemorating the start of World War I by theming the rides and activities to a typical Edwardian entertaining day at the market.

There will be strong men, escapologists, policeman and a recruiting sergeant set up in the market to entertain shoppers.

The actors and performers will re-enact scenes from yesteryear to show visitors what the times were like just before the outbreak of The Great War.

To compliment the entertainment, this year, all the funfair rides will be hand turned, no electrical supply, as they would have been in the day. This makes the whole event very environmentally friendly

Of course the legendary Widnes-On-Sea Donkeys will be back and to top it all, all the entertainment and rides are free!

All parents or carers need to do is make purchases within the market to collect vouchers for the rides, all the other entertainment is free for all to watch and enjoy.

Halton Borough Council's Executive Board Member for The Physical Envoronment, Cllr Ron Hignett, said: "This is a great way of commemorating World War I and showing people how people were entertained at that time.

"Our market traders are as enthusiasitc about Widnes-on-Sea as the public are each year. Let's hope for some good weather to bring out the crowds!"

Following the Widnes-On-Sea, during the commemoration week of Monday 4 August the Library Service will be providing exhibits of the time and there will be a stall showing how sled dogs were used during World War I.


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